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The company’s technology platform was holding them back in achieving their growth plans (such as selling to new markets – API customers, multilingual, mobile based customers, and integrating with multiple inventory sources to increase their product offerings) & building customer loyalty (supporting customers interact with the company the way customers want to). The delays in rolling out new features was also making them less competitive in their niche market.

The Cost of operating their legacy system had a big impact on their bottom line.

Late deliveries also have an impact on customer retention for the restaurant operators too.


A modern reservation system , that can be customised to their requirements, with time to market features and a system that can scale cost effectively.

Need a vendor - partner who acts as their own IT team and who would support them in improving their operations.

A partner who will grow with the company, with a transaction fee-based business model.


A reservation system that helps them to create, book, manage, integrate & distribute travel products from a single integrated cloud hosted system.

The customised solution was offered as a service together with BPO service that manages their back-office operation.

Rezgateway manages and monitors the reservation system 24/7, 365 and ensures their customers can book and supplier connections are working without any interruptions 24 hours a day.

With the system, the customer was able to increase content (product offerings) by 200% due to the quick integration with channel manages and other wholesale systems, increase customers by 300% (API and Web) within 12 months of deploying the system.