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Building A Brand Using Digital Tools For Success During A Pandemic.


Freedom to Experience


The Pandemic has proved extremely challenging for businesses that rely on shared space experience.

Restaurants, theatres, clubs, gyms, sports clubs etc. have all taken a serious hit resulting in closure for some.

National chain of fitness gyms known as 'Power-World' was one such victim of social distancing and lockdowns. Especially owning a chain of gyms the overheads for them to be empty incurred huge losses monthly.


The owner of the gym chain came to us with an idea that would revolutionize the way fitness and sport activities operated. An all encompassing app, that listed down all the fitness activities both indoor and outdoor with the option of pay-as-go requiring no monthly commitments.

Also, with the app users could pre-book their slots and times allowing the service providers to limit patrons according to social distancing regulations.

This made it flexible, cost effective and easy to use making it an instant with sports enthusiasts.


Using our advanced reservation/planning software we developed an app from the ground up that was fast, reliable and easy to use with a high functional graphic interface, that now includes ZOOM functionality as well.

Launch - Nov.2020
Upto 100 Active Users daily
500 listed services
50 Active Services Daily


Freedom to Experience

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