Catering to the Pandemic!



When you order food items online, you are not sure as to when you receive the food, despite the food being ready in 15 minutes.

The independent delivery services that pick and drop off the food order is done based on their availability and schedule.

When customers receive the food its sometimes after 1 - 2 hours of order placement and affects the quality of the food.

The customer and the restaurant do not have any control and or visibility of the delivery service.

Late deliveries also have an impact on customer retention for the restaurant operators too.


Hotwheels wanted to create an on time local food delivery service for restaurants and home based "cooks” who do not have their own delivery agents.

An important problem we wanted to solve was to upfront display the delivery options before a customer places an order. This is to reversal to existing food ordering process, where a customer first places an order for the food items, and the restaurant connects with a delivery service to co-ordinate the delivery. This is where the delay happens.

In the new flow, the customer is able to view the delivery service availability before he /she places an order, view the delivery service proximity and then decide if its worthwhile to place an order. And then place an order.


Rezgateway developed a mobile based delivery management platform, which covers end to end food & parcel ordering and delivery process with an “Uber” like experience

The “on- Demand” delivery and pick up platform seamlessly links vendors, delivery agents, consumers, receivers & a payment / settlement service.

Each stakeholder can manage their content directly in the platform via customised apps.

Using the platform HotWheels is able to operate and manage a network of delivery agents (no limitation on the mode of transportation) and restaurant operators.