Survival of the Quickest

• Published on June 1, 2020
If there is one thing this global pandemic has taught every single person on the planet, it is ‘a quick response’ saves. Unfortunately, no one was geared for the enormity of the situation we are faced with. Medically and economically however, the most success has come from those who acted quickly and intelligently. In business, the theory is pretty much the same, if your response is weak and slow chances are your business will take a very long time to recover, or worst-case scenario it won’t survive the current climate.
Fortunately, the cure may not be hard to find or elusive in the case of business and a lot of companies globally have scrambled quickly and intelligently to utilize existing enterprise solutions mitigating the loss of revenue, staff, and customers. But what about the small-scale operations? The local brick and mortar business? The ‘mom and pop’ shops? The business that lack the finances and infrastructure to scale up their own digital support services and ecosphere?
Rezgateway is an end-to-end IT solutions and service company that has spent the last 19 years developing software solutions, systems, and backend support for hundreds of digitalization projects across the globe. With the advent of COVID-19, the need for more business to evolve into a digitalization phase is imperative to survive. Services, response time, stock control, remote workforce, and many new challenges will continue to weaken your current business if not supported by the right digital team.

Walking the talk.

Rezgateway has created a complete gamut of solutions that aid almost any sized business to upscale or create from scratch their digital ecosphere in a matter of days.
According to COO Mr. Ashok Senadeera, the survival of business’ today depends on the speed at which they can organize themselves and deploy their digital strategies to customers and consumers effectively. “We are geared to provide bespoke systems, e-commerce solutions, digital strategies, cloud solutions, remote working operations, digital security and backend infrastructure for SME’s right up to large organizations and conglomerates with 24/7 support. We do not provide a slapstick solution. We provide the whole picture, the paint, the canvas even the nail to hang the picture on the wall is made by us. It is an end-to-end solution that keeps your business going and growing”
At the end of the day, there are many who offer similar solutions but very few of them have the ability, experience, or recourse to carry forward such a large scale turn around without the loss time. Rezgateway has the experience, manpower, and technology to offer turnkey solutions for your business with the assurance of constant support to get your business through these challenging times and continue in a post-pandemic future.