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Infrastructure Management

Cost-effective infrastructure that provides flexibility & agility to respond to changing market conditions
Infrastructure Provisioning Infrastructure & Application Monitoring Load Balancing Design Network Architecture

Infrastructure Provisioning

We provide Cloud (Infrastructure)
We provide Cloud (Infrastructure) and Dedicated hosting options combined with the highest level of performance, security & unbeatable customer support.

Cloud Hosting

We offer fully managed secure and reliable dedicated cloud hosting options (private /public/ hybrid/multi cloud) in multiple regions & zones. We offer a powerful, feature-rich cloud environment with on-demand flexibility and scalability features that can be customised to suit your budget.
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Cloud Service Partners

Dedicated Hosting

We offer fully managed dedicated servers that are built to order, running on Linux or Windows operating systems. Once you select the infrastructure, we will set up the servers, harden them, manage and support 24/7,365.
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Dedicated Hosting Partners:

Infrastructure & Application Monitoring

monitor & support your infrastructure
Our world class network operations center manned by ITIL trained network engineers will remotely manage, monitor & support your infrastructure & applications 24/7/365. We ensure the highest level of performance within the provided IT infrastructure is obtained for your systems. We proactively monitor Infrastructure and applications for performance, capacity & downtime, and respond to alerts before there is an impact to your business.
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Technologies we use

Load Balancing, High Availability & Fail Over Management

Load Balancing
We design and manage your high availability program by having sufficient infrastructure at the right locations to ensure there is no single point of failure that could potentially disrupt your business.
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Design Network Architecture

Design Network Architecture
We provide end-to-end networking solutions that are flexible, reliable, secure and efficient to meet your present and future network requirements. Our work includes design, engineer, implement or integrate to new or an existing architecture.
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