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Team 28th FEBRUARY 2022

When determining transmission zones, the CDC measures a region’s test positivity rate and the new cases rate per 100,000 persons. Through these measures we can identify if a region falls into a low, moderate, substantial or high transmission zone. If both measures fall into different zone categories, then the highest of the two will determine the transmission zone.

Transmission Rates

Determined by the CDC

Low less than 5%
Moderate 5% - 7.99%
Substantial 8% - 9.99%
High 10% or greater

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that if a region’s transmission rates fall below the 5% recommended safety threshold - a “Low” transmission rate, a region would be able to loosen their preventive restrictions.

Transmission Rates are calculated as the Percentage of positive NAATs tests during the past 7 day.

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