Technology Stack

At RezGateway we believe in Technology, Engineering Culture and Continuous Innovation being at the core of our products. From inception to deployment we strive to innovate. Our products, services and processes reflect these core values. Our technology, culture and processes are built around microservices.

With a polyglot technology stack which allows the teams to build using a technology platform that is mostly suited for the need following are some of the technologies used at Rezgateway

    • J2EE (Java 8) technologies
      • Spring Suite of tools (Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data, Spring REST)
      • Netflix OSS suite (Eureka, Zuul, Hysterix, SideCar , Ribbon, Archius)
    • Python
    • PostgreSQL, MySQL , Couch / Mongo and REDIS
    • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP5, REACT JS,& REDUX
    • Apache Camel and WSO2 ESB
    • Git
    • Continuous Integration & deployment using Jenkins, Gradle and Ansible
    • Selenium for QA automation
    • Tomcat (8 / 9), Jetty and Jboss-Wildfly
    • Pentaho for Business Intelligence & Reporting
    • ELK stack, Hystrix& Dynamic Graph + Turbine
    • SonarQube / PMD/ JVisualAnlyzer / etc
    • RDS , Elastic Search , Elastic Cache

Rez Eco System

Our products are built around SOA and microservices architecture which allows interoperability with heterogeneous systems. This allows Rezgateway’s products to blend with a rich eco system. Every service in RezGateway system exposes itself via JSON based REST services

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Engineering Culture

Our engineering culture is to have small cross functional teams owning services to build, maintain and innovate. Each team has complete freedom to choose any development methodology. Where scrum, kanban to devops are some examples. If the team is comfortable with the process and if the process works we leave the team alone to do what they do best.

We believe in automation and customized internal tools, we have built internal tools that support the teams to develop and deliver features continuously depending to business needs.

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Overall Service Features

An important element in our business model is the strong business relationships we develop with our customers. We do this by assigning an account / dedicated project manager for each client and guiding then at each delivery phase in successfully integrating Rezgateway system with their existing business (i.e. from requirements gathering, prioritizing items, project management, training, user acceptance, implementation (staging / production), data transfer, trial run and post live account management etc).

  • Rezgateway’s products are provided as cloud hosted solutions
  • For hosted service - no hardware, software, technical staff is required by customers to operate and maintain the service. Rezgateway maintains the service 24/7 and guarantees 99.5% uptime of the service. Customers can either be in shared hosting or on dedicated hosting.
  • Rezgateway users only leading data center operators to host the applications. At present Rezgateway works with leading data center operators in the USA, South Africa, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Dubai.
  • Rezgateway’s technology architecture is open and platform independent, we have the flexibility of utilizing a hybrid of platforms and solutions based on the demand and requirement of our clients for business or leisure travel technologies.
Security and Standards
  • We follow industry accepted coding standards and best practices of web development.
  • Rezgateway’s hosted solutions operate in a secure environment at leading data centers and we utilize industry standard encryption technologies to communicate and store sensitive data in our application.
  • Rezgateway is in the process of getting validated as compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements for Level 1 service providers.
  • Rezgateway’s service is highly scalable. The systems were designed and developed to ensure rapid scalability of the service without affecting the ongoing operation
  • Rezgateway utilizes the services of a Managed Security and Service Provider (MSSP) to mitigate any cyber threats and information security challenges.
Product Development
  • Rezgateway follows a product based development and delivery model. We support feature based product releases. For exceptional cases we are capable of following a project based development and delivery model.
  • Release items are based on the product road map maintained for each product line. Rezgateway system features are constantly reviewed and road map updated in order to give our customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Managed customizations: Rezgateway’s solutions can be customized to suit market conditions and business practices of customers. These customizations will be released via a patch release or via a major release.
Account Management
  • An account / project manager is assigned to each customer upon sign up. He / She will carry out all project management activities to ensure a successful implementation of the system.
  • We provide technical support: 24 / 7, 365 days: for hosted services.
  • Customers can contact our tech support either via the issue tracking tool, email, telephone or instant messenger 24 / 7, 365

Contact Us

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Toll free from US: 1-888-511-1178 (US/Canada)
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