Rezgateway Content Aggregator Service (RAS)

Rezgateway Aggregator Service – Introduction

RAS is an aggregating, organizing, mapping and distributing tool for static and or dynamic travel related content from multiple sources. Distribution can be in XML, JSON or YML formats. Content from the best available sources, aggregated by RAS is kept centralize and current. All Rezgateway products use RAS for 3rd party content integration.

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3rd party content includes:
  • 3rd party inventory wholesalers – as to date connected to over 50 wholesalers for availability, rates and inventory (ARI)
  • Direct Supplier / Vendors – Airlines, Hotel PMS, Cars, Insurance etc
  • Channel Management systems
  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS)
  • Static content providers – connected to static content services to provide multilingual content descriptions and images
  • Ratings and Reviews - connected to leading ratings and review services as well as rezgateway built in ratings and review service
  • RAS connects to RIDE (Rezgateway multi provider travel inventory distribution and comparison engine) for all 3rd party availability, rates and inventory content.
  • RIDE combines intelligently travel inventory and rates from multiple systems (and distribution channels), compares rates and delivers them to RAS in a global delivery model.
  • At present RIDE suppliers exceed over 50 global suppliers and growing each month.
  • RIDE users an automated and manual data mapping process to ensure data does not get duplicated when results are generated.
  • Mapping data across suppliers are done on a biweekly and or monthly basis.

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